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The film is a life story of how mistakes of the past by parents led to the death of their innocent daughter.

A woman’s revenge, they say, is usually worse than the flames of hell. What happens then when the Alom, a wealthy young couple decide to throw a party for their little girl Cindy (Manyorchu Atem Ebai) after a brilliant singing performance?

All the guests are present and the party is about to begin when little Cindy disappears. After a serious futile search, some children playing around discover her in a pool of blood somewhere in the house.

The question on every lips is who killed Cindy? Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo, the acclaimed Cameroonian film producer decided to write the movie “Little Cindy” to remind the public that children should not pay for the mistakes of their parents no matter the circumstances.

In this movie, it is surprising how Mrs Alom decides to sacrifice her happiness and that of her family because of a mistake her husband committed in the past. This constant desire to get even with her husband pushes her to always nag, neglect and even victimize Cindy thus indirectly resulting to Cindy’s untimely death.

Will Cindy’s mysterious death be finally elucidated? and will this twist of events enable the parents forgive each other and start a new relationship again? Find out what happens in this contemporary movie which cuts across generations and explores the realities of families today.

The producer first came up with the scenario five years ago and the entire story rotates around the life of the little girl though she dies early in the movie. According to the producer, little children are innocent and should thus be a priority to their parents.

Little Cindy, a must watch movie is a blend of suspense, intrigue, deceit and action. In addition, the cast consist of the finest actors in the Cameroonian movie industry like Libota MacdonaldSyndy EmadeSolange Ojong, Nchifor ValeryMayorchu Atem-Ebai, Nkwah Kingsley, Lynno Lovert,  Stephanie Tum among others.

Shot in the town of Limbe for a period of three weeks, the movie is peculiar because all the drama unfolds in three hours on the same day. This is the reason why the actors wear the same costume throughout the movie.


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